Emergency Vehicle Insurance

The job of saving lives is hard enough without having to worry about someone suing you.

Finding insurance for an ambulance business can be difficult. Because of the latest regulations, training requirements and the maintenance costs involved in this venture a lot of ambulance businesses are struggling and are looking for ways to save money. These days lawsuits are prevalent and it is important to have ambulance insurance protection if somebody decides you didn’t do a good enough job.

A liability issue that will put you out of business can be around the next corner. There are many things you need to look out for – what if you get into an accident while transporting a patient? What if someone breaks into your ambulance while you are rushing into a building to save someone’s life? Who covers the cost of replacing high priced medical equipment?

Our ambulance insurance policies can cover:

  • Liability Insurance – Bodily and/or Property
  • Medical Payments
  • Physical Damage Insurance – Comprehensive Damage, Collision and Combined Additional Coverage (CAC)
  • Under-Insured Motorist
  • Rental Insurance
  • Towing Insurance
  • And so much more…

You need an ambulance insurance policy that will ensure that you and your business is protected in ways that meet the demands of your business…like saving lives. For more information contact Ragan Insurance at or fill out our online form today.